Welcome to the Australian Chinese Youth Elite Club (ACYEC). ACYEC is a recently established NPO (non-profit organization) run for its members and local communities. Leo Wei J.P. the founder of ACYEC is a successful young business man based in Sydney, who has been working actively to integrate Chinese Australian into local society.

As a youth-oriented organization, ACYEC aims to foster a more transnational community of young Australians and Chinese interested in furthering understanding of each other’s cultures and promote charity in means of supporting vulnerable groups through multiple channels. In doing so, ACYEC will hold all kinds of Public Welfare Activities for youths in communities.

Focusing chiefly on elites, ACYEC’s objectives are to reduce misunderstanding of different culture, increase mutual trust, facilitate and develop lasting bilateral communication, and create opportunities across a variety of social sectors, including but not limited to: business, academia, government, sport and the arts.

Meanwhile, these voices and activities will be regularly featured in ACYEC’s various publications. In a word, we devote all our superior resources to do some right things for the society. Yes, that is what we do. Cheer and energy are always with ACYEC. Join us, growing with us.


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Email : info@acyec.org
Address: PO Box 16 STRATHFIELD NSW 2135

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