Hay Drop for Drought Area


Yesterday was the Hay Drop Day of ACYEC and Rural Aid

- 4 am we departed from different areas to Muswellbrook which is 300km from Sydney

- We prepared the morning tea for the farmers since 10 am. President Du was there in person with the food from her restaurant.

- ACYEC's chairperson, Leo Wei, presented the IGA $500 voucher to the farmers on behalf of ACYEC - Rural Aid was commissioned to purchase 2 trucks of 136 bales of Hay (for long term storage) for the farmers

- sightings of emaciated cattle, the parched land and the suffering farmers The information we had now is still not enough.

I am here to say that ACYEC is just a Chinese organization in Australia. There will be more people to join us, contribute to this land they love. Together, let's support the farmers who provide our food and build "
Better Home, Better Australia".

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