The Louvre is one of France's largest palace buildings, located on the south side of the Seine river in the capital city of Paris. As early as in 1546, French king francois I decided on the basis of the original castle built a new palace, after nine Kings continued expansion, lasted for over 300 years, formed a u-shaped in magnificent palace complex.

The Louvre is one of the four largest museums in the world. It was built in 1204 and is famous for its rich collection of classical paintings and sculptures. It is one of the most precious buildings in the French Renaissance. Its overall building is "U", covering an area of 24 hectares and covering an area of 4.8 hectares. The Louvre is divided into six parts: the Greek and Roman art galleries, the Egyptian museum of art, the Oriental art gallery, the painting gallery, the sculpture gallery and the decorative art gallery.

The east facade of the Louvre is a representative work of European classical architecture. According to the statistics,

The Louvre museum, including the courtyard, covers an area of 19 hectares. It lies on the right bank of the Seine from east to west, with a length of 690 meters on both sides. The whole building is magnificent. The hundreds of spacious halls used to display the treasures are magnificent, with fine frescoes and elaborate reliefs on the walls and ceilings.

The east facade of the Louvre is about 172m high, 28m high, and is divided into three parts by a complete column: the base is the base, and the middle part is a huge pillar with two stories high, and above is the eaves and parapet. The main body is an empty colonnade formed by double columns. The center and both sides have convex parts, which are divided into five sections. The protruding part of the two ends is decorated with the wall column, and the central part USES the chair column, has the mountain flower, therefore the main axis line is very clear. In front of him stood a guard, and a bridge stood in front of the gate. Horizontal expansion of the facade, the left and right sides of 5 paragraphs, up and down 3 paragraphs, all with the central section of the main facade composition. The French traditional high-pitched roof is replaced by an italian-style flat roof, with a small opening on the east side of the Louvre to accommodate people.

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